second hand tools

Seaton, Devon, England


Monday 15 October.

Half term is fast approaching.
If you come down our way some brief details:

Good eating places: The Ship Inn or The Harbour Axmouth - car parking both with car parking and very pleasant gardens to sit in.
The Kingfisher Colyton. Again a very pleasant garden but parking just round the corner. Good pub food.

The Filling Station Café & Cycles Colyford. Parking can be a bit iffy but the coffee and food is excellent............
and not far away and this is the new kid on the block (+ scaffolding)
The Golden Hind Axmouth, car parking, garden & skittles!

We like them all. Tthe pubs have good gardens. The Filling Station has an outside seating area (and you can admire superb bikes and cycling gear).

The Donkey Sanctuary is a long term favourite with lots of parking, a fantastic new dining room and, of course, donkeys. Younger ones might love.

While you are down come in and see us at The Vintage Shed . The shed has a wide range of dealers. Upstairs is a Vinyl Room with very comprehensive stock. Plus downstairs kitchenalia, books, retro clothing and of course secondhandstools. Lots of free parking.


Saturday 6 October.

Cold today. I am no good when it is cold. I want to hibernate!
But we had granddaughter and granddaughter's friend round for a few hours
and I got time to update the website.
Lots of things to do. Will have to give myself strict talking to re dealing with cold weather.

We have put some top quality tools on the site.
Veritas Miter Plane and Veritas Iron Edge Trimming plane,
aN excellent and a Kunz Plus No. 4 Smoothing Plane.
Plus a Stanley 606 Bedrock Fore Plane we already have a 604.1/2 Bedrock on the site
and an Elu Planer - excellent conditioin.

If you are visitng the Vintage Shed you will find upstairs a large room full of Vinyl, and DVD's, CD's etc.
Spacious, well set out and with a lot to offer.
The Official Name is East Devon Vintage Vinyl. i am sure that will get abbreviated!
But there is a lot there - Bowie, The Stones, Beach Boys, Beetles, etc. Hip, hop, rock and roll, Jazz,
You name it. .... Better still go and visit.